The Corporate Branding Suite

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Your first impression is your most important investment. Set yourself up for success, and attract your ideal clients with a unique and compelling branding system.

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What’s Included

Custom Logo
Specializing in hand-lettering and illustration.

Brand Icon
Simpler / monogram version of your logo for small spaces.

Color Palette
Color palette with web and print codes

Typography Palette
Hand-selected typography for creating brand collateral.

Branding Collateral
1 piece brand collateral. Additional available a la carte.

Brand Strategy & Style PDF
To assist in future use of your branding materials.

01. Discover

Through a workshop of creative brainstorming and analysis, we’ll surface golden insights about your business and your customer needs.
Deliverable: Workshop + Follow-up Summary

02. Design

Based on our workshop and strategy, I collect visual inspiration and references, and design your brand concept. You receive one branding concept and a PDF presentation with walkthrough.
Deliverable: Branding Suite Presentation

03. Revise

We’ll go over any changes you’d like to see as well as choose your branding collateral and discuss your printing needs.
Deliverable: Consultation + Revision

04. Deliver

Upon approval, your files will be wrapped up neatly and a zip will be made available for download!
Deliverable: Branding Suite Files (.zip), Brand Strategy & Style PDF